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Welcome to Pronto Moving & Delivery, your trusted partner that will make your move swift and stress-free. Since 1988, we’ve been a cornerstone in the Los Angeles community, offering full-service moving solutions that are both high-quality and budget-friendly. We specialize in last-minute moves and comprehensive moving services, including meticulous packing, careful transportation, and thoughtful arrangement of your belongings at your new home. Say goodbye to hidden fees with our transparent and upfront pricing. Our licensed and insured team guarantees the safety of your possessions through every step of the moving process.

Why Choose Pronto Moving and Delivery?

  • Experienced and Skilled Team: Our movers aren’t just skilled; they’re masters of the craft. With rigorous training and a wealth of experience, they handle your belongings with the utmost care and precision.
  • Comprehensive Moving Services: We’ve got you covered whether you’re moving across the street or the state. Our services include meticulous packing, careful transportation, and thoughtful arrangement of your belongings at your new home.
  • Transparent and Upfront Pricing: Say goodbye to hidden fees and unexpected charges. Our pricing is straightforward, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Licensed and Insured for Your Peace of Mind: As a fully licensed and insured moving company, we guarantee the safety and security of your possessions throughout the moving process.

Our Moving Process: Tailored to Your Needs

  1. Consultation and Planning: We start by understanding your specific moving needs, from local residential relocations to long-distance moves. Leave the packing to us! Our experts use high-quality materials to securely pack everything from your delicate china to your bulky furniture, including specialized services for piano moving.
  2. Packing with Care: Leave the packing to us! We carefully unpack, remove all packing materials, and set up your furniture and belongings per your instructions, with special care for furniture and art installations.
    For more details on our packing techniques or to get a free quote, visit our Professional Packing Services page. Let us take the stress out of moving so you can focus on settling into your new home easily and comfortably.
  3. Efficient Transportation: Leveraging our knowledge of Los Angeles’ streets and neighborhoods, we transport your belongings swiftly and safely to your new home.
  4. Seamless Unpacking and Setup: Once we arrive, we don’t just leave boxes at your doorstep. We carefully unpack, remove all packing materials, and set up your furniture and belongings as per your instructions.
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What’s Included in Every Pronto Move

Expert Furniture Protection

  • Couches & Chairs: Securely wrapped in blankets and shrink wrap for maximum protection.
  • Tables: Carefully disassembled, if necessary, and wrapped in protective blankets.
  • Mattresses: Safely wrapped and placed in specialized boxes for transport.
  • Armoires: Disassembled as needed, with double wrapping in blankets and cardboard. Glass parts receive additional crating for safety.
  • We Pack Your Items with Care

We Pack Your Items with Care

  • Lamps: Placed in sturdy lamp boxes for safe moving.
  • Hanging Clothes: Transported in wardrobe boxes to keep them neat and wrinkle-free.
  • Electronics & Flat-screen TVs: Wrapped and packed in appropriate boxes, including special plasma boxes for TVs.
  • Computers, Small Mirrors, Paintings, and Small Sculptures: Each item is wrapped and packed securely in cardboard boxes or picture crates.
  • Glass/Marble Items: Items featuring glass or marble (up to 4-feet) are safely crated in cardboard for extra protection.

Protecting Your Home

  • Corners: We use corner guards in both your current and new locations to prevent scuffs and damage.
  • Hallways: Wall protection is applied before we move items in or out, ensuring your home stays pristine.
  • Floors: To prevent scratches and scrapes, we lay down masonite on the floor on moving day.

Our Movers

Professional residential movers have all the necessary tools and experience to ensure your move goes as fast as possible. They can move an entire house in Los Angeles in just one day. This job could take up to a week to complete if you do it yourself. Our movers can pack, move, and arrange your belongings at your new residence. The time they save can be invaluable as you settle into your new residence.

Our movers can pack and wrap all your belongings. They understand how to properly cover any item and protect it properly, so it is not damaged or destroyed during the move. There is no worse feeling than opening boxes at your new home only to find that one of your favorite belongings has been destroyed. Hiring professional packers ensures your boxes will be packed quickly and safely.

Setting up your furniture and belongings when you arrive at your destination is another arduous process, especially after an interstate move. It is the final step of residential moving. Our professional movers will unwrap and remove the protective padding off your furniture and set it up in your home to your exact specifications. The amount of time saved here is well worth the cost of hiring home movers in Los Angeles.

Trusted Residential Moving Company in LA

We’ve earned a reputation as a trusted residential moving company in LA. Pronto Moving and Delivery arrives with a complete process in mind to take home from point A to point B.

Our professional movers have undertaken hundreds of jobs, and there is no size residential move we can’t handle. They work hard on every job to protect their clients’ valuable and sentimental belongings. For years, families have trusted the care of our residential movers with their items. As a licensed and insured residential moving company, the quality of your home is covered. The peace of mind in knowing your items are protected is well worth the cost of hiring pros. A company can enable its employees to stay focused on duties while leaving the moving process to professionals.

Satisfied Clients Reviews

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the glowing reviews from our clients. From families moving to their dream homes to individuals relocating for new opportunities, our clients trust us for a hassle-free moving experience. Read their stories and discover why Pronto Moving and Delivery is the preferred choice for residential moves in Los Angeles.

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