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Hiring professional furniture movers for your next move can save you plenty of time and make for a stress-free experience. Pronto Moving and Delivery is a top rated Los Angeles furniture delivery service that ensures attention to detail and a multitude of benefits.

We takes full responsibility for ensuring that your belongings arrive at the destination safely and without damage. It’s not uncommon for families to move their belongings and have to pay to repair or replace them. Moving can be difficult and overwhelming. Professional furniture delivery movers know the best ways to get your belongings safely to the destination. Allow us to remove the burden of care from your move.

The Best Furniture Delivery in LA


A professional moving company is the most reliable moving option, compared to soliciting friends and family for help. Professional movers like Pronto Moving and Delivery’s furniture delivery team are highly-trained and use the best techniques to properly transport your possessions.


Our furniture delivery professionals take pride in fast and prompt service. They can give you an accurate date and time on when you can expect your belongings to arrive. This provides peace of mind to busy clients in need of planning out their day. Because our processes have been amended by experience, our furniture professionals can deliver fast, while maintaining care in your furniture.

At Pronto Moving and Delivery, we demonstrate efficient transportation of all of your belongings, especially large bulky furniture and appliances. These type items usually take untrained movers a very long time to move. Professional movers know the best ways to transport these items to save time.  Our priority is to get your possessions to the destination as efficiently as possible.

Potential Injury

Heavy lifting by untrained professionals can lead to a variety of injuries to include strains and sprains. There is also a high risk of falling. This can be extremely dangerous when carrying heavy furniture, especially up high stairs. You can prevent all of these problems by hiring professionals who are trained in furniture delivery.

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To learn more about our white glove services, contact our local white glove movers today to discuss the details of your upcoming relocation. Pronto Moving and Delivery’s Los Angeles furniture delivery team is ready to take your move off your hands.

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