How to Avoid Moving Company Scams

Moving is stressful, but you do not want to add to the stress by making a poor choice and falling victim to a fraud. The best way to avoid scams with moving companies is to do your homework and stay alert during the entire selection process. Here are the main warning signs that you might be talking to a fraud company:

Quick Deals and Phone Deals

Be wary of a company that says they will give you a final price quote guarantee without ever seeing your home and how much you will be transporting. Also, be wary of a moving company that comes to your home, but spends only a few minutes looking around, does not ask many questions, or take good notes on what they will be responsible for.

The Requested Deposit

Reputable movers do not ask for large sums of money to be paid before the move, and they do not demand cash payments for the work. If you pay a moving company a lot of money before the move, you have no advantage or power to ensure they do the job they were hired to do.

When you do pay, whether it is a small down payment or the final payment when all has been delivered safely, pay with a credit card, so you have some fraud protection in place.

The Name Change

Some untrustworthy companies get around being detected by the Better Business Bureau by always using a different name when dealing with people. They rotate names so bad reviews, and scam alerts cannot follow them around. Reputable Malibu moving companies, such as Pronto Moving & Delivery Service, will always answer the phone clearly stating the company name you are calling. You should also search for company reviews, and avoid those with no reviews at all.